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Relocation Information

Why must CFAR relocate?
     In 2009, the Brevard Board of County Commisioners mandated CFAR to move its current facility due to zoning issues.  Since then, it has been a top priority of CFAR's volunteer staff to find appropriate accomodations and raise the funds to make such a move possible.  
Where will we go?
     As of May, 2013. the first part of that venture has been accomplished.  CFAR has signed an extended lease with Forever Florida in Osceola County, and the Osceola Development Office has approved CFAR's site plan and issued the general construcrion permit.
How much will it cost?
     With some reserves for unexpected expenses, the project will cost approximately $1,000,000.
What if we can't afford to move?
     CFAR must accomplish this move or face shutdown, which would result in the relocation of our aging cat population, and possible euthanasia of any cats that are not taken into alternative sanctuaries.

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