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Importance of Big Cat Conservation

  • Due to the destruction of the big cats' natural habitat and the poaching of big cats for their fur, meat,  and body parts, there are now more big cats in captivity than there are in the wild.
  • There is no overarching infrastructure for big cats in this country.  Law enforcement agencies can confiscate animals, but are not equipped to see to their long term care.  Private sanctuaries are some of the only refuges for these cats.
  • Tbe cats of CFAR, and other such organizations, represent an untapped opportunity for wildlife education and conservation education for students of all levels.  CFAR volunteers have helped to incorporate the cats into educational programs ranging from pre-school to post-graduate and doctoral candidate levels.
  • Properly maintained, well staffed big cat organizations provide an important public safety role by ensuring the security of both cats and public, and providing homes for cats that need to be moved by law enforcement.